Modern Warfare II


Call of duty is one of the most popular war game, which have introduced Modern Warfare. There are thousands of gamer around the world, who play this game daily. If you are going to purchase call of duty 4 and don’t know anything about this game, then I can help you. This is a wonderful war game in which you can have full support for your player so that it can survive in the game. The call of duty 4 modern warfare offers you five types of weapons. It provides you assault rifles and sub machine guns to kill enemies. Additionally it offers you light machine guns and shotguns with snipers. All of these weapons will be with your player, which will help you in killing enemies.


Other weapons you will have in call of duty warfare:

If you will check today’s war games you will see that players have lots of weapons to choose from. In call of duty 4 modern warfare also you will get many other weapons. Your player can carry one secondary weapon like a pistol or handgun to attack on enemies in the game. The game will offer you hand grenades and also the flag grenades to kill your targets.


Call of duty 4 has three different perks for you:

If yet you have not tried call of duty 4 modern warfare, so you should know it is offering you three different perks. These three perks stand for three different weapon classes in which you will get different guns set. These are defined according to weapons and many other people have also defined call of duty 4 modern warfare in terms of classes. They have introduced assault class, SMG class and many other classes, which you will get in this game. All in all I would like to say that call of duty 4 is coming with a lot of different facilities and adventures.

You will get bigger weapons to complete stages:

This time call of duty has introduced completely different weapons, which will really amaze you. Have you ever got the air striker weapons in any other game? If not, then you are going to have it in call of duty 4. Similarly there is many other high technology weapons are introduced to help your player for surviving better in the game. The Warfield will introduce you with many new challenges, which will be really difficult for you to tackle without having high tech weapons of call of duty 4.


Today call of duty 4 is gaining huge popularity around the whole world and people are purchasing this game every day. If you want to experience real thrill of this game, then you should get it now. The call of duty 4 is available online to purchase and you can easily get it from online order. According to me it is the best idea because you will get whole features of the game with complete package. I hope call of duty 4 modern warfare will impress you with its amazing thrill and challenges.